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Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a city that never disappoints me when I visit. It has a little something for everybody. It is a popular misconception that it's not worth visiting if you are not a gambler. To the contrary, you can find something for everyone and the number of families and children that were walking the strip and perusing Fremont Street was proof of this fact.

Arriving in Vegas at night is always exciting as everything is lit up. The flashing lights, moving billboards, hustle and bustle along the streets - it truly is a sight to behold. I get joy from watching the faces of little children as they are trying to take it all in - and adults who are visiting for their first time.

Pics of the Strip at night

Here is a video of driving down the strip at night. We are headed to the Palazzo.

Two of my favorite spots to stay when in Vegas are the Venetian and the Palazzo. We stayed at the Palazzo, which is owned and operated by Venetian and is connected by a food court, shopping and the Grand Canal Shoppes.

Below is a video of the suite at the Palazzo.

Since we arrived at night, we wanted to take advantage of the night life since it was the only night we didn't have plans. Therefore, we ventured on down to Fremont Street and oooowweeee was it poppin.

Heading to Fremont Street

Welcome to the Fremont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas

This particular night, there was a female Dancing DJ spinning and she was doing her thang.

Here is the first video I caught of her. I do not own the rights to these songs.

My daughter, Ro Ro, decided she wanted to do a little something something when this song came on so I recorded her then turned the camera on the DJ. Be sure to watch this video at 46 seconds to see some DJ acrobatics. I do not own the rights to this song.

I wanted to provide some daytime views of the strip especially for those who have never been to Vegas. Here are some pics and short videos for your viewing pleasure.

As I mentioned earlier, the Venetian and Palazzo ( are two of my favorite places to stay on the strip. The suites in the Venetian and Palazzo are similar. I also adore the ambiance surrounding the two and the shopping that can be done without stepping outside of either place. See the short videos of the Venetian and the Grand Canal Shoppes below.

Harrah's Las Vegas

I love visiting Harrah's while in Vegas and usually have good luck playing their slots. This time was no exception. While playing in the casino you can also drink for free. After using constraint and cashing in my winning ticket, I took a stroll to find something to eat. I decided to take the escalator up and as I was following the walkway, which you can take across to get to Caesars Palace, I happened upon Walk On's Sports Bistreaux. The food was delicious and definitely worth the visit if you are in Vegas.

On the way out of Harrah's, I happened to see Bobby Flay's Burger Joint.

Wynn Las Vegas

Another one of my resorts to visit in Vegas is the Wynn. It, too, is a beautiful resort with lots of pizzazz and slots galore.

While this post just shared a bit about my visit to Las Vegas, there are plenty resources available to assist you in planning your visit to Las Vegas. You can always go to to get information and make plans to visit the city that never sleeps.

And remember....... what happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas. 😉

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Edee On-The-Go
Edee On-The-Go
Jul 16, 2022

Thanks for sharing. Definitely one of my favorite cities.


Alvienia Pender
Jul 08, 2022

I lived there for 12 years after I retired from the Army. You are so right. It's a great place even for non gamblers.

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