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Festival at Sea - Day 7

Today was a full day at sea. Activities for the day are shown below. There are over 60 activities listed - a little bit of everything for everybody.

The dress theme for the daytime was "Wear Your Favorite Black Cultural Inspired T-Shirt." The evening theme was "Wakanda@Sea" African Attire Formal Night.

To top it off, there was a "Global Fashion Phenomenon, the Wakandan Infiltration" Fashion Show today like none I had never seen before. The designs were by Marilyn Walker and when I say she is fire that is an understatement. Prepare yourself to see some one of a kind, amazing designs. These next pictures need no narrative. Hope you enjoy them.

More Pics of the Models

And now the Lady of the Hour - Marilyn Walker

Here is a video of the grand finale and final words by Marilyn Walker, the extraordinary designer of all of these fashions. Also, I learned something new as I again turned my camera during filming which rotated the video. I found a program to help me rotate it back. A little rusty but I'll perfect this in no time.

At dinner, we sat with our table mates again. Kelvin and Brenda are delightful and I plan to keep in touch with them as they live not too far from Ro Ro. I wanted to have a picture with them and they were happy to oblige. That is the one thing I truly love about traveling - meeting new people from all over the world as well as close to home.

Well that's it for Day 7. I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay tuned for Day 8. If you haven't seen Days 1-2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, I hope you will go back and view those posts or other posts you may have missed. Clicking here will take you back to the website.

Until our next time......

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Feb 13, 2023

You couldn't be more right that the designs and prints are FIRE! Thanks for sharing.

Edee On-The-Go
Edee On-The-Go
Apr 01, 2023
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