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Festival at Sea - Day 6

Our fourth port of call was Aruba. Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean island and is known for its world class beaches, always-perfect weather and warm and welcoming culture. It is in the Southern Caribbean Sea, together with sister islands Curacao and Bonaire.

We decided to do The Best of Aruba Tour.

Headed to our first stop.

Our first stop was the Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum. Here are some pictures of the aloe vera fields.

Upon reaching Aruba Aloe, we were given an in-depth demonstration on the aloe vera plant, how to cut a leaf, and its many uses. If you'd like to view our demonstration, check it out here:

The Aruba Aloe Museum

Pictures from inside the factory and museum.

I love visiting the Aruba Aloe Factory whenever I am in Aruba and I always walk out of there with a $200+ receipt. The products are the best and when I run out, I can always order online and they will ship whatever I need to me. You can check them out at

In this video we are riding through Aruba on the tour bus headed to our next stop.

Random pictures, including pictures of numerous hotels - Divi Aruba Phoenix, Riu, Hilton, Hyatt, Playa Linde, Radisson and Ritz Carlton in Aruba.

Random views.

Short video of water view.

Me at our next stop - the California Lighthouse. The lighthouse is located on the northwest tip of Aruba. It was named for the Steamship California, which was wrecked nearby in 1891.

Back on the bus - and away we go.

Leaving the California Lighthouse for our next stop.

More random pictures.

The Ostrich Farm

You know I love water and these are some magnificent views.

A very short video of water hitting the rocks.

This stop took us to the Aruba Natural Bridge. The Aruba Natural Bridge is a tourist attraction in Arikok National Park, Aruba that was formed naturally out of coral limestone. The natural arch, which measures approximately 25 feet high and 100 feet long, is a remnant of an ancient cave.

Water under the Natural Bridge.

Me at the Natural Bridge.

Dune Buggy riders up on the hill.

On top of the Natural Bridge.

Rocks at the Natural Bridge.

Ro Ro doing her.

Views from the bottom to the top.

Video taken back on the ship at the cruise port.

Pictures taken from the cruise ship at the port.


The start to our entertainment for the night. This is my first time seeing him in person but if he is as funny as he is when I've seen him on cable, this is going to be a night of laughing until I'm crying.

We've got some great seats.

While Ro Ro and I opted out, tonight is Disney vs Marvel Costume Night so the host for the night is theme dressed. Can you guess who he is representing? He is introducing one of the funniest comedians in the business. The one and only Lavell Crawford.

Lavell Crawford did not disappoint us and gave us a spectacular show full of laughter - often bringing the crowd to tears. Here are a few views of him doing his comedy.

From his show I have eight (8) videos and 25 minutes of comedy - however, not one is suitable for posting on YouTube or on this blog. His topics are laced with profanity and terms that some might find offensive and that is not the intent of this blog. I can't even post them on YouTube because they might land me in "YouTube jail." That said, if you ever have the chance to see him in person and are not easily offended, he will certainly keep you entertained.

If you will remember, tonight's theme was Disney vs Marvel Costume Night. I later found out that our table mate, Kelvin, won the best costume contest. Here he is with his beautiful wife Brenda. He was dressed as the Hunchback of Notre Dame and she is dressed as Esmeralda.

Well that's it for Day 6. I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay tuned for Day 7 and beyond. If you haven't seen Days 1-2, 3, 4 and 5, I hope you will go back and view those posts or other posts you may have missed. Clicking here will take you back to the website.

Until our next time......

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