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Festival at Sea - Day 3

Our first port of call was Labadee, Haiti. Labadee is on the northern coast of Haiti and is a regularly visited port of call on Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries during the fall-winter season. It is just over 1/2 mile long and 1/3 mile wide, which makes it very walkable. In addition, Labadee is very accessibility friendly.

Click to see the dancers who welcomed us upon arrival at the pier:

For a scenic view of the pier, click this link:

I signed up for a walking tour. I thought it would be helpful to see the island from the view of someone who lived in Haiti.

Our first stop was a short stroll from the pier to these huge rock formations.

For a closeup video of the rock formation, click on this link:

Me having fun and picture posing. I'm not big on picture taking though you can't tell from this excursion. But the views were so breathtaking I wanted to make sure the moment was captured so that I would remember every view.

You know I absolutely love these views. I could just sit and stare all day.

Headed to our next stop. To see the dancers that entertained us on our way, click this link:

Walking under the zipliners.

Getting a history lesson on Haiti from our tour guide.

To view the video of our history lesson, click on this link:

A couple of scenic views while heading back to the ship.

Back at the Equinox

Leaving the Port in Labadee

While heading back out to sea, there were some beautiful homes in the hills and water scenes that I just had to capture.


The Isley Brothers

Going to see them Isleys tonight. The fee for all of the entertainment was included in the price of the cruise.

The Isley Brothers Band - the show before the show.

And here we go.

The Isley Brothers performing Fight the Power -

Ronald Isley

This woman came on stage with this outfit and oooooweeeee

Click on the links to see the Isley Brothers singing:

Between the sheets:

Footsteps in the Dark:

Ron doing what he does. His backup singers are fire. The one on the right is his wife and she can blow. You'll see what I'm talking about shortly.

Click on the following links to see the Isley Brothers perform the following:

Proud Mary and Joy and Pain:

At this point in the show, those who know the Isley Brothers know who stopped by. It wouldn't be an Isley Brothers show without him. To see Mr. Biggs perform Contagious, click here:

We are having a great time at this show. Here they are singing one of my favorite songs-For the Love of You:

Ron Isley starts out singing Jesus Loves Me, This I Know. Then he brought his wife, Kandy Isley, up front and she brought the conclusion of the whole matter. Mrs. Isley can sang!!! See for yourself:

Other Isley Brothers performances you might enjoy:

Voyage to Atlantis:

End of the Show: NOTE: For this video, you will need to rotate your device at approximately 58 seconds.

Well this is it for Day 3. I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay tuned for Day 4 and beyond. If you haven't seen Festival at Sea - Day 1 and 2, I hope you will go back and view that post. To go there now, click this link:

Until then......

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Guy E. Clements Sr.
Guy E. Clements Sr.
Apr 19, 2023

During Earnest Isley and Kandy Isley rendition of Jesus loves me. Why is it that the backup singer sitting behind them the farthest off stage right, showing her promise Land. Wearing a skirt that was way too short to come out on stage. But during the whole time her promise land was being shown. you could see straight up between the child's legs and Ernest ain't Miss A beat, he was looking too while Kandy was singing to the audience he was feasting on something else. Shut my mouth


Jan 31, 2023

Hi Edee,

It looks like you and your daughter had an awesome time; especially based on Day 1 and Day 2 videos! I am inspired by Festival at Sea cruise, to surrounded by people that look like me in a luxurious environment, stopping at ports of call that are beautiful and inviting is wonderful. Not to mention the onboard entertainment, movies and more.

I will definitely plan to check out Festival at Sea cruises going forward, thanks for sharing! 😊

Edee On-The-Go
Edee On-The-Go
Apr 01, 2023
Replying to

It was a blast Melinda. Just back from South Africa. What a blast. Be sure to check it out when posted.

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