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Festival at Sea 2022 - Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1

Last year, my daughter, Roneshia, and I had the opportunity to attend Blue World Travel's 30th Anniversary Festival at Sea (FAS) cruise on the Celebrity Equinox and what a party it was. So much so that this post will be the first of several to highlight this cruise. What is Festival At Sea you might ask?

Festival at Sea is the #1 African-American cruise choice - also known for cruising with an twist. It is the cruise where we primarily take over the ship and have entertainment and activities that are near and dear to our hearts. It is an opportunity to meet other folks from all over the world while celebrating our love for our culture. More on this later but for now lets get to it.

Below is a picture of our cruise schedule. While we were looking forward to hitting the ports, the days at sea and evening schedule was going to be just as exciting. Also, each day had a theme with suggested attire and you know we showed up and showed out each day.

We booked a Concierge Club Balcony room. I've included a couple pics of our welcome package and a video of the room. We did have them separate the bed into two twins as it was not done prior to our arrival.

The only thing missing was some orange juice.

Went to grab something to eat before we set sail. Here are a couple pictures and a video from the buffet dining area. The window distorts the color a little.

Caught a video of the Caribbean Princess of Princess Cruises leaving the port.

Chillin on the balcony looking at the water and waiting to leave the port.

And away we go. I'm in heaven right now!!!

Next is a sneak peek of one of many activities available to us these next eight nights. Line dancing, ballroom or steppin anyone?


Day 2 - Full Day at Sea

Day 2 was a full day at sea so it was a great opportunity to explore the ship and check out the happenings for the day. One thing that was unique to this cruise, FAS had a black movie channel. The movies were free and available 24-7 in your cabin. Movies that were available included Respect, Night School, Uncle Dru, Get Up, Black Panther, and the BlackkKlansman. They also had a "Blue Tube Television Network" for the purpose of interviewing entertainers and various Blue World Travel staff members to keep us informed about onboard events.

There was so much action I almost forgot to drop off the five children's books I brought aboard. FAS asked passengers to bring a book or two, as well as school supplies and other learning aids, to contribute to the Children's Book Drive. With almost 3,000 passengers onboard, they were hoping to donate at least 2,000 books to the children of Aruba. I don't know how many they collected but they were bringing in additional boxes when I dropped off my books.

I loved our daily itineraries.

Nothing like a little hit to start the day.

So what do I find when I get back to the room? A midday snack compliments of the concierge. Guess I'll enjoy it in my spot.

I could just stay here - but I can't. Too much to do on this cruise.

For this cruise we selected our dinner time. It will be interesting to meet the people we are seated with at our table.

Tonight was the Anniversary Gala Celebration and folks sure did dress to impress. I didn't take pics but it was truly a sight to behold.

Tonight was my night to attend the comedy show. This was our host for the show.

Comedian Damon Williams

We had to do some ole school dancing and celebrate 30 years.

Days 1 and 2 were somewhat laid back for us. This was an eight night cruise packed with ports of call and plenty to do onboard. On Day 3 we stopped in Labadee, Haiti and Roneshia and I got off the ship and went sightseeing.

Stay tuned for the adventures of Day 3 and subsequent days.

Until then...

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Edee On-The-Go
Edee On-The-Go
Apr 24, 2023

One of the best cruises I've ever been on.


Alvienia Pender
Alvienia Pender
Jan 15, 2023

Glad you had a great time.

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