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Festival at Sea - Day 5

Our third port of call was Curacao. Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island and is known for its beaches tucked into coves and its expansive coral reefs rich with marine life. It is in the Southern Caribbean Sea, together with sister islands Aruba and Bonaire.

I decided to do the Panoramic Curacao Island Tour.

This is our tour guide.

Some scenic pictures while driving through Curacao.

This beautiful mural was painted on the side of this building.

In these videos, our tour guide is providing us with beautiful scenery, some history on Curacao and a little humor.

You will see the harbor and also plantation houses in this video.

A picture of a church on the island.

A few pictures of the beautiful landscape.

More scenic views.

Picture Perfect

Table Mountain up close.

This video shows us driving through Curacao heading to the Bon Bini Liqueur Distillery.

These pictures were taken at the distillery.

Pictures taken inside the distillery. Those who chose to partake had the opportunity to taste each of the nine flavors.

In this video, our tour guide is talking about Curacao's economy as we are heading back to the cruise terminal.

Going back on the Equinox.


Now that I'm back on the ship, I've got to grab something to eat and get dressed to go and see the one and only.............Babyface.

Play that saxophone. The prelude to Babyface coming on stage.

And here is Babyface opening up with For the Cool in You.

Babyface and Every Time I Close My Eyes:

Time for some of that Whip Appeal:

The stance when you are talking stuff and about to do something slow.

Babyface performing a medley of songs including Two Occasions, Don't Be Cruel, Every Little Step and Rock with You Baby.

Babyface performing Can We Talk.

Babyface is quite the showman.

Babyface calling the women to the front of the stage and singing another medley of songs from TLC to Mary J. Blige to Brandy.

Babyface paying tribute to Whitney Houston by taking us back to 1996 with Exhale (Shoop Shoop).

Well that's it for Day 5. I hope you have enjoyed this post.

Stay tuned for Day 6 and beyond. If you haven't seen Days 1, 2, 3 and 4, I hope you will go back and view those posts or other posts you have not seen. Clicking here will take you back to the website.

Until our next time......

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