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South Africa 2023 - Cape Town - Day 2, Part II - Penguins and Cape of Good Hope

If you have landed here without reading Cape Town - Day 2, Part I, I recommend that you go back and read it as this post is a continuation of that blog.

We are back on Chapman's Peak Drive headed to our lunch spot and then to see the penguins. Our tour guide, Mario, is providing history as we are riding on this scenic toll road. Come ride along with us.

Stopped at this scenic pull off on Chapman's Peak Drive for a short rest break. Took the opportunity to take some pictures.

Her name is Selina. She was so sweet and a great help throughout the trip.

Mario is our tour guide throughout our stay in Cape Town. He is extremely knowledgeable and very personable as well.


We are back on Chapman's Peak Drive with its 114 turns and gorgeous views. Mario also tells us a story about the competition between Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Long Beach

Some of the houses seen on our way to our lunch spot.

We are having lunch at the Seaforth Restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious and the views spectacular.

The Seafood Platter was preordered since we were such a large group.

The crew (l-r, Dawn, Teresa, Angela, yours truly, Brini, Janice and Annette).

After that plentiful lunch, we all needed to walk and that was exactly what we did. We took a short walk to the Boulders Penguin Colony.

Saw these animals on the way to our next stop - the Cape of Good Hope.


Cape of Good Hope

I can now say that I have been to the most south-western part of the African continent.

Random pics from the Cape visit.

Can you say Ostrich?

Cape Point Lighthouse Directional Sign

Another photo opportunity.

We were warned not to carry any food on the trail to the lighthouse as baboons are known to be present and will help themselves if you possess food they want. This sign reiterated the warning.

The Cape Point Lighthouse

Well that's it for Day 2, Part II. However, as mentioned earlier, each day builds upon the prior days and blogs so if you haven't read South Africa 2023 - Cape Town - Day 2, Part I or Day 1 yet, you may do so here.

If you are new to the blog site, I hope you will go back and view other blogs you have missed and subscribe so that you will be automatically be notified when new blogs are posted. And, if you enjoy watching the videos, you can also find most of them on my YouTube channel at

Stay tuned for South Africa 2023 - Cape Town - Day 3, Part I, where we visit Robben Island - the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

Until the next time......

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24 באפר׳ 2023

This was so interesting! The drive on Chapman peak was fabulous! The half tunnel engineering feet was something to be hold! 🤩

Edee On-The-Go
Edee On-The-Go
24 באפר׳ 2023
בתשובה לפוסט של

I'm glad you enjoyed this blog.

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