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South Africa 2023 - Cape Town - Day 2, Part I - Table Mountain

As I mentioned on Cape Town - Day 1, we are staying at the Taj Cape Town while here. If you haven't viewed the Day 1 blog, please go back and do so. Each day builds upon the previous day. Also, because I have so much content for Day 2, it will be divided into two parts. This post will be Part I.

These next two pictures give views from outside the Taj.

Today is a full day Cape Peninsula tour with our first stop being Table Mountain. Because there are 138 of us, we were assigned to a bus during our stay in South Africa. I was assigned to the Orange bus and the lovely JaVonne was the host for my bus. As I mentioned in the Day 1 blog, JaVonne is co-owner of Advantage International, LLC with her husband Gene.

This is our tour guide, Mario. He will be our guide during our stay in Cape Town.

Join us on the bus ride to Table Mountain. Mario shares history on Cape Town and Table Mountain.

We are headed up the mountain.

This is a view of Lion's Head Mountain. The peak forms part of a dramatic backdrop to the city of Cape Town and it is part of Table Mountain National Park.

Table Mountain views from below. Can't wait to get up there.


Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain that forms a prominent landmark overlooking Cape Town. It is a significant tourist attraction, with many visitors using the cableway or hiking to the top. It is a part of Table Mountain National Park, which is the most visited national park in South Africa, attracting 4.2 million people every year for various activities. I took lots of pictures on the mountain. But before seeing those, here we are walking to catch the cable car.

A few pics while waiting for our turn to catch the cable car.

The beautiful Mary graciously posed for a picture before we climbed aboard.

We are headed up the mountain. Up, up and away we go.

Our first steps atop Table Mountain.

Can you guess what this plant is?

Just me playing with this new selfie stick.

Just a few of the many breathtaking views of Cape Town.

Since I'll be sharing some breathtaking views I asked some of the Michael Baisden Travel Club members (including my travel sisters) if I could include them in many of the pictures. They all said yes and were so photogenic.

First up - Angela.

Next up - Brini.

Oops - we invaded Mary's solitude but she looked up long enough for me to snap this shot.

Next up - Teresa.

Next up - Annette.

Don't know how they talked me into sittin on this rock.

Description of sandstone rock.

Sisters sitting on sandstone rock.

Directional signs are strategically placed along the walking paths.

Cynthia and Al

South Africa as a Floral Kingdom.

Short video with gorgeous views.

Thankful is the word. And thank you to my models for adding flair to these backdrops.

Alisa and Lenora (I hoped I spelled their names correctly). Had a chance to spend some time with these lovely ladies. Very classy.

This exhibit had many of us stopping to see where the mountain was in comparison to other locales.

And look what I found on the mountain. A bench just for me. Haha

Must have been necessary to post.

Kaggen's Karos

This is one of my favorite views.

Edythe, don't look down and behind you!

JaVonne and Gene Harley. The dynamic duo owners of Advantage International, LLC.

Short video watching the cable car come up the mountain as we look at the city below.

Well it's time to leave Table Mountain to head to our next destination. In the cable car we go. No closing your eyes!

One last look from below.

Oh Lord I thank you. What a wonderful start to my day. Thank you Table Mountain.

Took a picture of a school bus bringing children as we were leaving.

Well that's it for Day 2, Part 1. However, as I mentioned earlier in this blog, each day builds upon the prior day(s) so if you haven't read Day 1 yet, you may do so at

If you are new to the blog site, I hope you will go back and view other blogs you have missed and subscribe so that you will be automatically be notified when new blogs are posted. Also, if you enjoy watching the videos, you can also find most of them on my YouTube channel at

Stay tuned for Day 2, Part 2.

Until the next time......

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Edee On-The-Go
Edee On-The-Go
Apr 24, 2023

Thank you so much.


Apr 24, 2023

The cable car ride was amazing! Views breathtaking! Nice to see you and the ladies in your travel group posing and enjoying the sights ❤️


Apr 18, 2023

I love this Blog! You’re doing a great job Edyth! ❤️

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