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South Africa 2023 - Sandton Sun - Day 6

Today is a free day due to the demonstration that has been scheduled in Soweto. If you have landed here without viewing any of the previous days, you may want to start at South Africa 2023 Day 1 and view your way up to Day 6.

A good night's sleep works wonders. This is the view from my bedroom window at the Sandton Sun.

I decided to take a stroll around the hotel and see the sights. Here are some views from the outside looking down the street.

Signs for Nelson Mandela Square

Entrance to the Sandton City Mall

Sandton Towers

Sandton Convention Centre

Pictures from the the outside and inside of the Sandton Sun

Diamond Walk

We had access to the Diamond Walk and Mandela Square through the Sandton Sun.

Starting my walk to the stores in the Diamond Walk only to find that the higher end stores were closed early due to the next day being a holiday.

Here are three short videos walking through the mall.

These three well-known establishments were open.

Walking toward Nelson Mandela Square.

Very short video walking though the Square.

A short video of the scene surrounding outside Square.

Nelson Mandela Statue

Stream of Consciousness Sculptures

Reflect Statue

Pictures from within the Square

Remembering Madiba

Views from the Patio and Deck

Pool View

I hope you enjoyed Day 6 - Sandton Sun. Just a reminder that each day builds upon the prior days and blogs so if you haven't read South Africa 2023 - Johannesburg - Day 5, Part I or Mandela House - Day 5, Part II; or Cape Town Day 4, Part I and Part II; Day 3, Part I and Part II; Day 2, Part I and Part II; or Day 1 yet, you may do so here.

If you are new to, I hope you will go back and view other blogs you have missed. If you subscribe to the site - and I hope you do, you will automatically be notified when new blogs are posted.

Also, if you enjoy watching the videos, you can find most of the longer ones on my YouTube channel at

Stay tuned for South Africa 2023 - Back to Soweto - Day 7.

Until our next time......

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Aug 14, 2023

Love it Keep it coming!


Aug 14, 2023

Great job on South Africa! Enjoyed the pictures, videos and your narrative! :)

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