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Paris, Day 3 - Part II

My DeTours, Inc. travel family for Paris and London. Camille Coleman, Owner of DeTours, Inc., is in the center of the front row.

On our way to our next stop, we get to pass a few familiar places from previous days. Here is another glance of the Arc De Triomphe and Moulin Rouge.

Now we are headed to Montmartre where we will hang out for a while and have dinner. Montmartre is a charming village in the heart of Paris. It has cobbled streets, a stunning Basilica, artists, bistros and one of a kind shopping. A must stop if you are in Paris.

We are going to take the tram up but check out the view ahead. This is the Sacre-Coeur Basilica. More on this beauty shortly.

A look back on Paris while going up the tram.

Walking to the square in Montmartre.

Short video of more views.

The Sacre-Coeur Basilica is a masterpiece of grace and grandeur. You can see this entirely white landmark from all parts of Paris. Built at the end of the 19th century in Romano-Byzantine style, it is dedicated to the heart of Christ and is an important place of worship in Paris. It houses the largest mosaic in France.

Videos of the outside of the Basilica.

A map and a few pics of the outside.

Videos with panoramic views of Paris.

Panoramic view pictures.

Pictures taken inside of the Basilica.

Videos taken inside of the Basilica.

Now it is time to head to dinner and we are having dinner right here in Montmartre. Simeon has arranged the perfect spot for the entire tour group as this is our last night in Paris.

We will dine at La Bonne Franquette ( A 16th century house in the heart of old Montmartre, La Bonne Franquette brings to life the Montmartre tradition of gaiety, conviviality, welcoming artists, winegrowers and lovers of good wine and good food. It is certainly faithful to its motto which is "Love, Eat, Drink and Sing”. It is also a must visit when in Paris. You will not be disappointed.

The DeTours, Inc. crew is enjoying the ambiance and the great entertainment.

Left to right: Donna, Sherry and Sue.

Front to back: Elnora, Ar'Ree and Lauren.

Front to back: Camille and Shawn.

Lauren preparing to try snails for the first time.

Kudos to Lauren. The rest of us newbies had no interest in trying "that something new."

That round item that looks like a roll is actually mashed potatoes.

This restaurant was so delightful. This video shows a bit of our entertainment during dinner.

Before we left to head back to the hotel, we had to take a serious pic.

And a fun pic.

Going down the tram. Headed to the bus to take us back to the hotel.

The next few videos (and one pic) provide more city sights as we head back to the hotel. Come ride along with us.

All the Euro currency that I have left after budgeting for tips upon my departure. I know just the person to receive a little something extra.

Paris has been everything I dreamed it would be and more. We covered a lot of ground while here and I may have to come back to spend a little more time at the places that truly spoke to me.

I hope you enjoyed this post and plan to subscribe (if you have not already) so that you can go with me, whenever and wherever I go. Next stop - London, England. Hope to see you here.

Au revoir

Until then......

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