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Paris, Day 3 - Part I

Our third day in Paris was again chock full of stops on our tour of the city. Today we visited the world renowned Louvre Museum among other places. There was so much to share that I divided Day 3 into a Part I and Part II. I'm so in love with Paris.

Entering the Louvre Museum building. Our guide chose this entrance for us.

Video with Simeon introducing us to our museum guide. In case you are wondering, the pink box around Simeon's next is how he communicates with us when we are out and about on our tours. He calls it a "whisper."

The entrance to the Louvre Museum.

There will be quite a few pictures and videos of my tour of the Louvre Museum as it was a sight to behold. To truly experience the Louvre, a person would need a few days and we only had a couple hours after our guided tour. Therefore, there are lots of pics that may not be as descriptive as normal but I wanted to share as much as I could with you.

Ready? Let's go!

Pavillon De L'Horloge

Louvre Medieval and Greek Art

Venus De Milo

Here are more videos for your viewing pleasure. The artistry is truly amazing!

Walking from one location to another.

A very short view of one corridor.

The Galerie D'Apollon

A walk around this wing.

Diamonds and Jewels - these gorgeous pieces were also showcased in the Galerie D'Apollon.

A few more jewels.

In this next section you will find a gallery of pictures taken during the remainder of my time at the Louvre Museum. When possible, I have tried to capture a description of the painting or the sculpture; however, due to the number of folks that were also trying to do the same thing it was not always possible. I do still hope you will enjoy what I was able to capture.

And just when you think you've seen enough, you come upon this entrance that is all to itself. You know it must be something special because the line is wrapped around in both directions. And then you see this sign.

The Mona Lisa

Views from the inside looking out into the numerous squares encased by the Louvre.

Outside view of triangle.

Pictures from the Egyptian Pavilion.

The Inverted Triangle inside the Louvre Museum.

Leaving the Louvre Museum. I had to turn around for one last glance at this magnificent museum. This experience was more than I could have ever imagined and I am so grateful to have this opportunity.

And to think there is still an entire afternoon ahead. So this will end Part I of Paris, Day 3 but be sure to log on for Paris Day 3, Part II as soon as it is posted. And if you have not yet subscribed, what are you waiting for? Click below then just sit back and wait to be notified whenever something new is posted.

Still more to see and do before we head to London.

Until then......

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