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Casino Concierge for Edee On-The-Go

For me, the only reason I visit Las Vegas is to gamble (except when my daughter is bowling in a national tournament). I love the variety of casinos and the ambiance that can be found depending on what you are looking for. However, Las Vegas is a great destination spot for the non-gambler as well. The shopping, shows and even the free entertainment at the casino bars and lounges can make for a very enjoyable retreat if gambling is not your thing.

This post is dedicated to two of my favorite hobbies - gambling and casinos. Edee absolutely loves traveling to various casinos to see how “loose” their machines are, the ambiance reflected in the casino, the food and free entertainment that is available and other engaging activities that might be housed within the casino. I play slots and video poker. I know about the random number generator, skilled playing and just being lucky.

What to do when you visit a casino:

  • Decide how much you are going to play and stick to that amount.

  • Always get a player’s card. This allows the casino to track your play which may earn you reward credits to use toward food, merchandise purchases or other perks. The player’s card may also be used by the casino to send you free play, free room, or other offers.

  • If you are a new visitor, walk around the entire casino to learn the layout and where slots/tables are situated. If you have certain slots/tables you like to play, this will help you know where they are.

  • Ask what entertainment is happening that day or if a schedule is available that you can take with you or download.

Because I love to travel, and I love to gamble, I have had the opportunity to stay at my fair share of casinos and have numerous players’ cards to prove it. I’ve played and stayed at some of the best and most beautiful casinos and belong to numerous player card programs. I am particularly fond of the Caesars Rewards ( and the MGM Rewards ( layer rewards programs. I’ve played and stayed at casinos in:

  • Arizona

  • Arkansas

  • Bahamas

  • California

  • Canada

  • Caribbean

  • Florida

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Louisiana

  • Michigan

  • Mississippi

  • Nevada

  • New Jersey

  • Ohio

  • Oklahoma

Also because of this hobby 😊, I get lots of offers for freebies from these casinos. Between email and snail mail offers, I receive 3-5 or more offers weekly from all over the US and beyond. Offers range from freeplay (dollars they give you to play with), complimentary nights, food credits and free giveaways. Some offers include a free cruise for two, a chance to win a high-demand vehicle, or money. Some offers include free airfare, hotel, freeplay and food credits for two, or a transportation reimbursement for a specific amount to apply towards transportation to get to the casino.

Because I take this hobby very seriously, I subscribe to a couple magazines that are must haves for real gamblers. They are named Casino Player and Strictly Slots ( These magazines come to my mailbox monthly (I also get the digital version) and keep me informed of the new machine releases, updated news on various casinos and reward programs, offer a question/answer opportunity and provide a wealth of knowledge on all things casino-related. The knowledge and income gained from these magazines has been well worth the subscription cost.

Many have asked me how I manage and afford to travel as much as I do. These casino offers have provided me many travel opportunities, not only providing free air, hotel, freeplay and food credits, but also free cruises for two through popular cruise lines. These offers assist Edee in staying On-The-Go.

If you have additional questions or inquiries regarding my casino experiences or opportunities, post them in the Comments. If you would like to be notified whenever a new post is published, submit your email address in "Stay In The Go" in the Contact Us section.

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