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Baja Mexico Cruise on the Carnival Radiance-Day 3-Ensenada, Mexico

Welcome to Ensenada, Mexico!

I decided to do a tour a Highlights of Ensenada tour while we were docked in Ensenada. Pictured here is my tour guide, Hilce.

While I did the easy tour, Roneshia was a lot more adventurous. You can view her pictures toward the end of this blog.

Oh how I love the deep blue sea.

Hilce talks surfing while we are on our way to our first destination.

Just a random street view.

We are headed to La Bufadora (The Blowhole). The Blowhole is an amazing natural marine geyser that can shoot water well over 60 feet in the air. It is considered to be the second largest marine geyser in the world - the largest is in Oahu, Hawaii. On our way, Hilce provides us with history on Ensenada and tells us that the highway we are on can take us all the way south to Los Cabos.

Continuing on our ride to The Blowhole, Hilce is giving us history on the highway and economic activity as we enter the agricultural area. Also found out that Ensenada produces the berries for Driscoll. I love buying their strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Random pictures.

Shops at La Bufadora

Got time for tequila taste testing?

What a view!

Atop La Bufadora

Just standing around waiting for the Blowhole to erupt. Didn't get a big one as hoped, just some small blows.

This is what we were hoping to see.

Edee On-The-Go behind the Ensenada sign.

Map of the Baja Peninsula

Last views before leaving La Bufadora.

See the circles? This is a tuna fish farm.

Recognize any of these spots?

This is a short highway video with familiar places.

Random scenes.

Check out this juggler at the stop light.

We are on the bus headed to the Historic Hotel Riviera. Hilce is telling us about the history of the hotel that was the home away from home to the rich and famous. The hotel was built right at the water's edge to take advantage of those escaping prohibition in the U.S. Inside this hotel you will find the story of the prohibition days with all of its glitz, glory and music along with famous names from the north (U.S.).

These are the names of a few folks who stayed at the Hotel Riviera.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. If walls could only talk.

In this video, Hilce - our tour guide - is explaining the significance of the picture hanging on the wall in the Hotel Riviera.

Views of the gardens surrounding Hotel Riviera.

While we are headed back to the cruise terminal, we started talking margaritas. Hilce shares an authentic margarita recipe. Listen to get the recipe.

So I caught up with Roneshia back at the ship. Here are a few pictures, courtesy of Roneshia) from her adventure. I call her the zipline queen. No fear dangling in the air.

Yes, she is a U of M dare angel! And a gorgeous one at that!! Loves that maize and blue.

Here are some views from the Port of Ensenada.

It's time to play Deal or No Deal. This game is so much fun with one person each game (we usually play two) having a chance to be called on stage to win up to $1,000. Audience participants have a chance to win various prizes, including free play in the casino, a bingo package for a future game, $50 and a free cruise to name a few.

I won a bingo package which I played at the next scheduled game. I had much better luck in the casino$$$.

I truly enjoyed this cruise. Tomorrow is a fun day at sea so I'll likely just chill and prepare to disembark on the day after. Then it will be fun time with the family for the holidays.

Stay tuned for future blogs as I have tons of travel content to share. Next up, Greece and Turkey.

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Until our next time......

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Alvienia Pender
Mar 21

Great times. Great pictures.

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