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Baja Mexico Cruise on the Carnival Radiance-Day 2-Catalina Island, California

Welcome to Catalina Island, our first stop on our cruise. Let's go.

These folks thought it would be fun to climb into this rock formation.

Catalina Island Casino

There is a casino on the island. However, this is not a gambling casino. It is a gathering place for all types of events. It houses a theatre that shows first run and classic movies as well as a ballroom that hosts weddings, private events, corporate parties and the annual New Year's Eve extravaganza and JazzTrax Festival.

More picture perfect views of Catalina Island.

The Lookout Cot

Cruise Ship and Transport Station

Restaurant on Pier

This is a restored 1966I Italian Vespa.

Street Sign

One of the shuttles taking us back and forth to the ship.

Ro Ro back at our suite chillaxin on the balcony.

DJ Jolly, one of the DJs on the ship, tasked with keeping us entertained.

Rico, our energetic and effervescent cruise director.

Party time - time to sing along with Rico.

A little bit of Respect.

More fun with Rico. Can you "Brick House?"

Spending the day on Catalina Island was a nice getaway. Walking along the streets of this quaint little island and stopping in the numerous boutique stores was a treat. I picked up this souvenir - it's a shot glass.

Being back on the ship was a blast hanging with DJ Jolly and Rico. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Stay tuned for Day 3 as we explore Ensenada, Mexico.

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