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My Evening with Tabitha Brown

I had the honor and pleasure of spending an evening with Tabitha Brown in Detroit, Michigan at the Fillmore Theatre. If you do not know who @iamtabithabrown is, let me school you.

Tabitha Brown is: a vegan, an American actress, a social media personality and influencer, wife, mother, daughter, niece, and friend to millions of followers on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. After experiencing chronic pain, Tabitha and her family tried a 30-day challenge inspired by the documentary, What the Health. When the change in her diet healed her of the pain, Tabitha remained vegan and began sharing her favorite recipes. She has since had her own brand with Target, created her own spice for McCormick, been cast on Showtime's The Chi, had her own show called It's CompliPlated on the Food Network, and has two #1 New York Times bestselling books. Now let's get at it.

This was our moderator for the night. Unfortunately, I didn't hear her name. She did a great job with this being her first gig as a moderator.

Video of Tabitha's introduction. What up doe? (It's a Detroit Thing)

Tab responding to a question.

Tab explaining how and why she became a vegan.

Tab explaining when she first starting cooking from her Spirit. Hilarious.

Tab talking from the Spirit and speaking truth to power. This was one of her many inspirational messages and many of us needed to hear this one, this day!

Tab talking about her promise and commitment to God. Now "Come on in the Room."

Playing the "This or That" game with Tab on her food choices.

In this video, the moderator poses questions from audience members to Tab. During this video, Tab discusses everything from dealing with non-supportive people, eating vegan, wearing vegan, spending quality time when at home - especially with her youngest - Quest, Blackie's attitude when she leaves, the audience member with that "take-over" spirit, what keeps her motivated, what is frustrating to her (people using her name on social media), why she chooses joy and staying positive, and how she views the responsibility that comes with her platform. This is definitely a must watch because there are words of wisdom sprinkled all throughout her answers.

This next video poses a different set of questions with the theme being: How Well Do You Know Tab? Tab will choose who responds. This video is full of fun.

Tab was preparing to take a picture but was told she had to put on the Buffs (another Detroit thing). Cartier Buffs were then explained and someone passed her a pair. Note: I almost dropped my camera - thus the reason for the camera turn at the end of the video.

Tab with them Buffs on.

Tab chatting with her peeps back home and preparing to take a panoramic video.

Tab speaking with a fan with her infectious smile.

My Spirit told me to take a few seconds to pray for Tab and she was gracious enough to allow me to do so. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Then I had a few minutes to chat with her. I told her that I had recently started a travel blog at my age and she encouraged me to continue my dream. She even asked for the website info. I don't know that she will ever remember or see it but I hope she does.

Both of Tab's #1 Best-Selling New York Times Books

No Words Necessary

I'm not sure where it happened but just like when I went from referring to Tabitha as Tab, that is the way she makes you feel. That is why so many feel like she is the sister they never had, the long lost friend, a new friend, a comforter, a warrior - much more than just a vegan sensation. I told one of my friends she makes you feel as though she was one of your childhood friends that you hadn't seen in a while and when you do connect, you just pick up where you left off.

I was always taught that what comes from the heart reaches the heart and that is so true with Tab. The presence of the Lord was definitely at the Fillmore Theatre on October 13, 2022 and I'm so happy that I was there to witness it for myself.

Hope you enjoyed this blog because I certainly enjoyed writing it. Now, I've got more traveling and blogging to do because "That's My Business."

Until next time......

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Alvienia Pender
Oct 31, 2022

Very cool experience.

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