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South Africa 2023 - Ivory Tree Game Lodge and We're Going on Safari- Day 8

If you have landed here without viewing any of the previous days, you may want to start at South Africa 2023 Day 1 and view your way up to Day 8.

Today we are leaving Johannesburg and heading to the Ivory Tree Game Lodge in the Pilanesberg National Park. While waiting to board the bus, I walked to the corner and saw this sign. What a relevant message in this day and time.

This is a short video of us traveling before our rest stop. Pictures will follow the video.

Sisters, Angela and Brini.

Of course I had to get in one.

Mahesh, our driver, was so much fun and an excellent driver.

We are on our way to the Pilanesberg National Park and this video contains various scenes along the way.

We are continuing on our ride to the Pilanesberg National Park and as we see an old platinum mine to our left Cindi begins sharing its history.

As we continue on our ride, Cindi explains about the richness of the soil and how those with property grow and sell what they produce.

Yes, we had to stop for this "animal" crossing.

Love this view.

In this video, Cindi mentions Swaziland and shares more history and culture with us.

Directional sign on the side of the road.

In this video, we are so high in the mountains I feel as though I can reach out and touch them. We are close to the Ivory Tree Game Lodge.

We 're getting close to the lodge. I'm starting to get excited for our safari this afternoon.


Ivory Tree Game Lodge

We have arrived at the beautiful Ivory Tree Game Lodge. The lodge is located in Pilanesberg Game Reserve within the Pilanesberg National Park. The reserve is set within the crater of an ancient volcano – one of the largest of a very rare formation. This ancient configuration goes hand-in-hand with various indicators of the presence of early man in the region. This is showcased through the numerous Stone and Iron Age sites that are scattered throughout the Park.

The reserve is home to over 7,000 animals including the Big Five and over 300 bird species. In Africa, the Big Five game animals are the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and African buffalo. Visit the website to get more information on the lodge, reserve and the park. The pictures on the website are vivid and are truly representative of our visit.

Upon arrival, we had lunch while we waited to check into our rooms. Lunch came with lots of excitement. At one of the group tables, a particular monkey swooped down and grabbed some food then ran off. It happened again and then the staff ran them away from where we were eating.

They didn't stay gone for long.

After lunch my room - or as they called them - suite was ready. I was assigned to Suite #4. Upon arrival, I was shocked at how rustic it looked on the outside; however, upon entering into the suite I was pleasantly surprised.

Below is a video taken inside the suite with pictures to follow.

This is a short video of the patio area outside the suite with a picture to follow.

Needless to say, I absolutely loved my home for the next two nights.

Time to head back to the lodge for the first safari of the trip. Our vehicles await.

A few of the game rangers. Ours ended up being the one on the left. His name is Jafari so our theme was "We're on Safari with Jafari."

Then came another one.

Some ranger shenanigans with a few of the travel club members.

Jafari welcoming us and introducing himself.

And off we go. Ja'Vonne (in the distance) making sure everyone has a ride.

Ja'Vonne taking a picture of us while I'm taking a picture of her.

This is a very short 20 second video. We are beginning our safari.


Safari Time - We are on Safari with Jafari.

White Rhino mother and baby.

More white rhino pictures.

This Antelope was great at playing peek-a-boo.

Too tall to be hiding in the bush.

A closer look.

This is a female giraffe.

This is a male giraffe.

Look at this little stinker hiding. Blending in well with the surroundings.

Just reveling in nature.

Can you say Zebra?

As the sun begins to set.



Our safari crew (front to back, left to right), Me, Brini, Annette, Janice, Teresa, Jafari, Angela and Dawn.

The sun goes down fast.

The darkness is going to catch us. Were you ever told "don't let the darkness catch you?" It rings true especially in the bush.

What is that?

"Who" are you?

We are back at the Ivory Tree Game Lodge and we are having dinner outside tonight.

The service we received was impeccable.

Brini and Angela.

Angela at the firepit.

Just chillaxin after dinner.

Well today has been a full day and I'm ready to jump in that tub (no outside shower for me tonight). I'm not monkeying around.🤣

I hope you enjoyed Day 8 - Ivory Tree Game Lodge and We're Going on Safari. Just a reminder that each day builds upon the prior days and blogs so if you haven't read South Africa 2023 - Apartheid Museum and Lesedi Cultural Center - Day 7, Part II; South Africa 2023 - Return to Soweto - Day 7, Part I; South Africa 2023 - Sandton Sun Day 6; South Africa 2023 - Johannesburg - Day 5, Part I or Mandela House - Day 5, Part II; or Cape Town Day 4, Part I and Part II; Day 3, Part I and Part II; Day 2, Part I and Part II; or Day 1 yet, you may do so here.

If you are new to, I hope you will go back and view other blogs you have missed. If you subscribe to the site - and I hope you do, you will automatically be notified when new blogs are posted.

Also, if you enjoy watching the videos, you can find most of the longer ones on my YouTube channel at

Stay tuned for South Africa 2023 - More Safari Fun and Our Farewell Dinner in the Bush, Day 9.

Until our next time......

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Oct 16, 2023

Pictures are awesome! 🤩

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