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London, England

I have been working on my blog posts highlighting my trip to London for the last few days with the goal of getting them published by the end of the week. So much so that I hadn't been watching the television nor my normal social media outlets yesterday. So imagine my surprise when I turned on the television while I grabbed a bite to eat and saw that the doctor was concerned about Queen Elizabeth II's health, the Royal Family had rushed to her side, they were waiting for Prince Harry to get to Balmoral Castle, and then the subsequent announcement of her death.

While on my tour of London in June, there were many discussions regarding the Royal Family during our bus rides, tour stops, and our walking tours. I know that the United Kingdom and many around the world are in mourning, and I'm praying for comfort and strength for the immediate family of Queen Elizabeth II and for all who loved her dearly.

Here are a few pictures taken during my visit. There will be more posted in my London, England - Day 1 blog.

Buckingham Palace on 6/27/22

Hope to see you in London, England - Day 1.

Until then......

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