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2023 Mediterranean Cruise to Greece & Turkey - Day 1

With this being the third time trying to go to Greece and Turkey, we are finally going to make it. We will be landing first at Pierre Trudeau International Airport in Montreal, Canada for a short layover, then on to Athens International Airport.

This video captures our very bumpy (it's not me) landing at Montreal-Pierre Trudeau International Airport in Quebec, Canada.

In this short video, we are preparing to land at Athens International Airport.

The view from the sky.

We have arrived. Entering the terminal.

Very short video of Roneshia (Ro Ro) at welcome sign.

After retrieving our bags we headed toward the designated buses taking us to the Norwegian Jade. Enjoying the views while headed to the cruise port.

Come tour our club balcony suite followed by pictures that provide a better view.

This gal is picture perfect.

My welcome letter.

Views from my balcony. You can see a cruise ship in the far background.

I absolutely love the color of these houses and buildings.

Roneshia is all refreshed and ready to hit them Norwegian Jade cruise ship streets.

Here are a couple short videos (courtesy of Ro Ro) as we are leaving the port.

Well this completes our first day arriving to Athens and making it to the Norwegian Jade. With the flight and time change, I'm ready to grab something to eat, shower and get in the bed.

Stay tuned for Day 2 as we will be roaming the streets in Rhodes, Greece.

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Until our next time......

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